Fire And Ice

Fire And Ice 1.2

Fire And Ice is a classical platform game in which you control two characters
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Fire And Ice is a classical platform game.
In this game, you will control two different characters, Fire and Ice, one at a time. Your mission is to go through the several stages of the game, avoiding your enemies to kill you, whipping them out of the board either by jumping on them, or by firing fire or ice to them. You will switch between characters by passing over colored gems. The blue gem will turn your character to Ice; the red gem will convert you in Fire. When you throw ice, your enemies will freeze, and when you throw fire at them, they will be burnt. Some enemies, looking like some sort of turtles, will be cleared just by passing along them.

The characters move using the cursor movement keys. You will fire by pressing the spacebar. You must keep an eye to the life bar, which will decrease each time you are touched by an enemy or hurt by some element, like fire. You will lose a life when that bar reaches zero. When you fall to the water, the game is over. Collecting gold coins and diamonds will help you maximize your score.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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